Ten Hour Guy Official Software

(Note: Only tested on Windows XP, 7, 10)

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MD5SUM: 596457398a249b43bf24eee8883006a7
Note: This download is compressed with the .zip format.
2nd Note: As untrustworthy as this software looks and is, it will bear no lasting effects on your system except any loss of work from pressing the top button. Although you may share this around without permission, please do not publicly produce modified versions of this software, especially with malicious intent.

Dog’s Life Desktop Wallpaper

Click the image for available download options.
Click the image for available download options.

Yes, this is the thumbnail from the Dog’s Life let’s play, but in glorious HD for your desktop wallpaper’s enjoyment! Click the image above to download it in a selection of common resolutions and aspect ratios.

Various GIFs

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