More Brain Training Tips (English)

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Now you can read all of my fun brain info! I love to share my knowledge!

  1. Enjoying the things you do can have a positive effect on your brain.
    Doing things just because you have to, doesn’t.
    Try to be positive and enjoy the things you do.
  2. Ah origami, one of Japan’s most famous inventions.
    Try to imagine what the finished article will look like,
    and begin to fold your paper freely.
    Inventing origami shapes is good for activating the prefrontal cortext.
  3. Do you cook?
    The process of putting together a meal
    can stimulate your prefrontal cortex.
    So why not try making a healthy meal for yourself?
    It’s just not good for your body, but will also get your brain working too!
  4. Using a knife when cooking also activates your prefrontal cortex.
    Cutting things can be dangerous so your brain must be very focused.
    With a vegetable peeler, you brain doesn’t get this workout.
    Care and precision stimulate your brain and may make for tastier food too!
  5. Knitting also activates the prefrontal cortex.
    Making something using both hands can help to activate your brain.
    If you’ve never tried knitting before,
    why not have a go and see for yourself how beneficial it can be.
  6. Repetition is bad for your brain. Tedious tasks can reduce brain activity.
    Try to make a little effort each day…
    …to try out a variety of new activities to help stimulate your brain.
  7. Get irritated more easily than you used to?
    That could be a sign that your brain power is decreasing.
    Try to keep a cool head in everything you do.
  8. Do you play any musical instruments?
    Doing this really stimulates prefrontal cortex activity.
    If you don’t play, why not give it a try?
    Be careful not to upset the neighbours though!
  9. Giving your brain new stimulation is a very good idea.
    Of course, I don’t mean you have to hit it or anything!
    Visiting new places is a good way of stimulating your brain.
  10. First image a cat.
    Now imagine a ladder.
    Try to visualise an imaginary object called a “Catladder“.
    What does it look like?
    Imagining things like this stimulates the prefrontal cortex.
  11. Modern life certainly does have its conveniences. Oh my, yes.
    But sometimes that convenience means using your prefrontal cortex less.
    Just think of a few modern conveniences from recent decades
    I bet they are all lost chances to use your prefrontal cortex!
  12. When your brain is concentrating on something,
    the senses you’re not using tend to shut down.
    If you want to reach a state of deep concentration easily,
    try to consciously shut down your unneeded senses.
    For example, close your eyes when listening to music.
  13. Are you feeling content recently?
    When you’re feeling content, or relaxed,
    your brain is able to take a rest.
    Resting your brain is just as important as training it.
  14. Did you know that the biggest difference between humans and animals
    …is laughter.
    By laughing, we can help activate our prefrontal cortex.
    To live a life full of laughter is to be human.
  15. Have you been studying lately?
    As you age, you continue to grow new synapses and nerve fibres.
    So studying is good for the brain, whatever your age!
  16. If you’re extremely stressed, your prefrontal cortex won’t work so well.
    When you’re feeling like this,
    try counting numbers as fast as you can and see how you feel.
    This method has surprisingly good results!
  17. When talking to other people, do you keep your eyes level with theirs?
    This helps to keep eye contact when having a conversation.
    Doing this helps to stimulate your brain’s frontal lobes.
    You may find that it’s true that the eyes say as much as the mouth!
  18. Do you like sweet food?
    Sweet food helps to keep your brain alert over long periods of time.
    Carbohydrates are especially good because they are digested slowly.
    Just remember, overeating isn’t a good thing!
  19. Think of a good prank to play on a close friend.
    You know, like a card trick where they always pick the wrong card.
    Thinking about your friend’s state of mind, and not just about
    how to pull off the prank, is a good exercise for your prefrontal cortex.
    Just remember, if it’s the kind of prank that would hurt a friendship,
    then you should make it a mental exercise only!
  20. The frontal lobes control impulses such as anger and desire.
    Children find this hard because their frontal lobes aren’t fully developed.
    Adults lose control of their emotions too, if their frontal lobes weaken,
    so please look after those frontal lobes of yours!