Oh my, what have they done to WordPress?

For those who are unaware, way back in the day this website used to have a WordPress installation. I used the Twenty Sixteen theme but modified it to get rid of the stupid border.

That’s not a border I’ve added to this screenshot – it surrounds your entire viewport!

So what happened? Well, I got fed up of managing this WordPress website and eventually got rid of it, instead having a bit of a placeholder of sorts. The website largely existed to promote my YouTube channel, which no longer even exists.

And now we are, back once again, to just another WordPress site. I’m not going to add a great deal here or look after it in any way, shape or form. I’d just like there to be some sort of a website here before the domain eventually expires in September and someone swoops it up.

I don’t particularly like the changes that have happened to WordPress since I last used it. The admin dashboard all looks very similar, but the current theme has text which is far too large for headings and the likes. Even in the post editor I can’t escape the 900pt headings.

But I suppose overall it has evolved. The default editor certainly wasn’t as advanced as this when I last used it, and it’s much more than a simple blog tool these days. Sure, it was more than a blogging CMS back then as well, but the shift towards using WordPress for serious websites that don’t have any bloggy aspect whatsoever feels stronger than ever.

Having some sort of a website here will also hopefully mean I can promote whatever I have to promote, if I even have anything before the domain expiration date. Not that anyone is here to see the promotions, of course.

Sorry it’s just fizzled out like this over such a long period of time, but the domain has been registered for a good five years. That’s not too shabby in internet terms.

The days of randomly inserting photos from Pixabay are not behind me!