Including everyone in the conversation

The problem with WordPress is that images taller than they are wide end up massive.

Anyway, here’s the image you’re looking for. For some context, I still don’t really know what they were on about but since it’s a Facebook group chat, I decided to encourage everyone to join in with the discussion, including someone without an internet connection at the moment due to moving houses etc.

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BT and Seagulls

Alright, here in the UK, we have British Telecom, or just BT as they are commonly known as. They provide internet access and phone service just like Sky, Virgin Media and all the rest.

However, as with anything, BT has its flaws. BT OpenReach is in charge of the phone lines, so I’m not really sure who to blame here, but I’m blaming BT anyway.

Oh, and if BT sounds vaguely familiar to you but you’ve not heard of British Telecom (’cause maybe you live in America or something), then you’re probably thinking of BitTorrent. Fun, eh?

Anyway, enough rambles, so let’s get rambling!

Pretty much everyone in my family is with BT, at least for internet access. Have they had a fun time? Nah.

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10,000 Subscribers!

Yes, that’s right. Today we just hit 10,000 subscribers on the Ten Hour Guy YouTube channel! It may have taken a whole two years to get this far but I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you for helping along the way. Every subscriber, every view and every comment (even the negative ones) help motivate me to continue and improve. Naturally, some people have unsubscribed over time, but it’s the current ones that count.  😀