An Interesting Box

First things first, I do not know where this money box was bought since there’s no sticker on the bottom of it or anywhere I can see.

Anyway, yes, this is designed for storing money, hence the coin slot in the lid. I just use it for keeping random notes but I guess it would work well for holding other non-food/liquid items as well.

What makes it interesting? The interesting design of course! It looks like it’s completely wooden to me (not an expert) and has a tuft of brown grass stuff, a bunny and, of course, a couple of carrots. However, give it a closer inspection… 

What on earth is this for then?

Alright, there’s some magical hole in the box. Is it a rabbit burrow by any chance? Nah.


Yep, the carrot moves. I have no clue how this works so it must be some sort of magical witchcraft. If you have a look at the side of the lid when the carrot is pushed to the right, you’ll see that it’s simply moved a chunk of wood along which will slide into the hole, acting as a lock. Nothing fancy, really.


All in all, this is a rather fun and well-designed box. If you want one, then too bad as where it came from shall forever remain a mystery.

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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