An Interesting Observation

Here’s something weird that happened tonight:

So, I’ve been making these daft ten hour PPAP videos, currently not public, but that will soon change.

Anyway, I accidentally looped the same video twice instead of two separate videos once. Not realising my mistake, I titled the videos and whatnot as usual but once they had finished processing, I noticed that they both had identical thumbnails and were indeed the same video, just with different names.

Marvel PPAP – No copyright claim
Donald Trump PPAP – Avex Group Holidays Inc. on behalf of GME

Alright, so YouTube’s Content ID picked up something one time ’round and nothing the other time, right? Since they were both exactly the same video, I deleted the Trump one and renamed the Marvel one. Why choose to keep the copy with a copyright claim?


The instant that video was renamed, there was that copyright claim. Now, I’m not particularly fussed over this, but I am fussed enough to write about it, as you can probably tell.

The fact that a video can go from no copyright claims to a grand total of – wait for it… fine – one copyright claim just by featuring Donald Trump in the video title shows that something fishy is going on in YouTube’s algorithms, and I don’t know what it is.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to speculate what’s what here. Is YouTube applying some form of weird almost-censorship or should I just take off the old tinfoil hat?

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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