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I feel like the above GIF is very accurate of the Apple AirPods and how they came to be. I also spent way too long learning some GIMP magic whilst working on that, though it has given me the knowledge and power to remove objects from images at will! I’ve also never bought an Apple product before so they’re just some random earphones from an MP3 player or something, mostly likely used little or not at all. Anyway, enough of that.

I would like to know why their solution to removing the headphone jack – a necessity used by many on a daily basis – was to invent some magical overpriced earphones that not only look ridiculous but are incredibly easy to lose. Oh, it fell out your ear? Goodbye, money!

Please, never leave us!
Please, never leave us!

I can no longer at anyone using Apple earphones without thinking of the AirPods.

Using a black guy and background to make it look fancier? Nice. (image hosted by Apple)

Now, I’m no earphones fan since headphones are just comfier and usually sound better, but the affordability and convenience of pocketable earphones is probably really appealing to some. Apple AirPods are a whole 9 pence cheaper than the price of my headphones… times ten, and for £159, with no cable, they’d probably fall out of any pockets pretty quickly.

Those who aren’t hopping on the whole Bluetooth bandwagon are a little doomed though, since the only way to plug regular headphones in is to use a pricey adapter. Come on Apple, people are already broke after buying a new iPhone! Except from the cables being a safety guard against losing them (only really applies to earphones, not headphones as much), they also boast other positives such as superior sound quality and the lack of latency. The sound quality won’t be a big deal to most since this won’t be hooked up to any record players but the audio latency could affect gaming and video players that do not compensate.

Adapter Image from Apple
This is the adapter! (image hosted by Apple)

“If they’re that rubbish then don’t buy them!”
– some sensible person

Y’know, that’s a really sensible point, sensible person, however, that really begs the question: why on earth do these exist? Anyone desperate for a wireless experience will already have Bluetooth headphones anyway and the wireless experience isn’t for everyone. Not everyone wants a pair of expensive earphones that will only work with the fancy new iPhones and will get lost in the first week of use.

Oh, and people have always complained about the battery life on iPhones and other Apple products. So, rather than some clunky battery cover or other wacky alternatives, we now just have five hours of battery life, which is awesome! That is, until you realise it’s the earphones that have five hours of battery life, which isn’t so awesome. This wouldn’t be an issue for myself, though for long journeys it may be. And yes, those AirPods of yours would be yet another thing to charge each night.

Soon to be a common sight?
Soon to be a common sight?

Edit: Oh, and if you’re thinking that just using a Lightning adapter is no biggie, then good luck trying to charge and listen at the same time or, better yet, using headphones whilst running out of battery power, watching your TV shows that are kept on a micro SD card connected via a Lightning to USB to SD to micro SD adapter, all because they won’t add expandable storage. Soon we’ll be having bulky cases with in-built Lightning hubs so people can, you know, use their phone.

But hey, this is all fairly normal. Over the years, the following features on phones have arrived and then slowly faded away (at least on the higher-end models, strangely enough):

  • FM Radio
  • HDMI output (usually via USB adapter)
  • USB 3
  • And now… the headphone jack. Great.

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