There was a bit of a copyright kerfuffle with Chadtronic’s YouTube network due to this video, but Chadtronic and I have since resolved the matter via email.

Here’s a brief summary of what happened:
1) I got a copyright strike.
2) I emailed Chadtronic.
3) After several days, the strike was removed and the video was up again.
4) I made the video private then continued emailing Chad and now I think he’s ignoring me.

Everything below the following horizontal line is kind of irrelevant now that the video is no longer publicly viewable, but I’ve kept it around anyway.

Ladies and fricks, we have now got the first ten hours of every currently publicly available Chadtronic video published to his main channel. So, get ready to binge-watch!

You know, I actually had to do a second render and upload of this massive video because of a copyright claim for a ridiculously short section of it the first time ’round. I won’t explain in detail, but let’s just say it took under three hours to upload instead of over three days the second time due to the nice BT people taking advantage of the elderly to sell more expensive internet packages. Um… good? :/

There will be a part 2 of this at some point, preferably as soon as there’s enough footage.

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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