Fast Scrolling Websites


I’ve recently noticed that many websites seem to scroll at around double the speed of other websites when using the scroll wheel.
Now, I’m all up for novelty web design stuff, but throwing me off by changing the scroll speed of your website really isn’t cool. That’s like forcing everyone leaving a comment to use the German keyboard layout or something, which is fine for German people, but not so much for everyone else, just like fast-scrolling websites is fine for people who like websites that scroll at absurdly fast speeds. However, I’m guessing that if anyone has configured their browser to scroll at absurdly fast speeds, those websites will turn those absurdly fast speeds into absurdly absurdly fast speeds which simply won’t suit them either, so perhaps it’s not like forcing everyone to use a German keyboard layout, but forcing everyone to use an on-screen keyboard, or if they already use one, a regular keyboard. Perfect!

Rants may get left as one big hard to read paragraph on this website but at least we don’t fiddle with the scroll speed!

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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