Frank Grimes to be Featured in Treehouse of Horror XXVII

Look who’s back. It’s Grimey!

If you don’t recognise the friendly ghost thing in the middle, that is Frank Grimes, Homer’s deceased co-worker from season 08 episode 23 “Homer’s Enemy”, one of the darker episodes from the show.

Treehouse of Horror XXVII is going to be the six-hundredth episode, airing 16th October, and they certainly made the moment special. There aren’t really any details at the moment other than everything you can see in the image above.

Since this is a Treehouse of Horror, we can expect the usual three short fictional tales in one episode, and I’m assuming just one of those will feature Grimey, Bob and Kodos/Kang. That aside, everything else would just be pure speculation, so here are some clips (not necessarily in order) to reminisce Grimey’s life:


Author: Ten Hour Guy

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