How to Boost Your Word Count (the cheap way)

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Got an important something to write, requiring a high word count? Not to fear, as we’ll go over all you need to know with how to fit in those extra words without actually adding any value to your written work.

Avoid abbreviations et cetera

Yes, it may seem like an obvious one. Just up there I could have easily written etc. Write United Kingdom instead of UK or will not instead of won’t.

Explain things in a roundabout way

Yes, instead of something such as it was raining, write the warm temperatures caused precipitation, forming clouds and subsequently rain. You get the gist.

Stray off-topic

Yes, start talking about the rainy weather or something.

Reinforce points

Yes, did you remember that you should stray off-topic?

Take long quotes

Yes… *entire speech transcript gets pasted*

Add more detail

Yes, this is never a bad idea anyway.

Add unnecessary words


Author: Ten Hour Guy

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