I pay a whopping $5/month for this server.

(image created from the official Digital Ocean wallpapers)

Hey guys, the server that runs this website and possibly some other stuff is incredibly expensive – something like $5/month. On top of that, unfortunately I only have room for approximately 100,000 more images on it before I’ll have to start paying for additional storage (or tidy up) which is… *sniffles* $0.10/GB/month!

So, if you would like to run your own overpriced server where they charge such ridiculous sums of money ($60/year if your server is on 24/7) for a server which is way more powerful than you need for a website, even a fairly popular one, then please, use my link. Pay them $10 and I’ll get five months of free hosting. Stingy people.


Okay, that’s all “internet sarcasm” and Digital Ocean is actually pretty darn awesome! Their servers are very nippy and the resources are allocated to your droplet or droplets. Generally their guides will recommend you use the $10 or $20 droplets, but you can easily get away with $5/month, especially if you add a swap file.

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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