Is Ten Hour Guy dead? No.

Alright, so nothing has been posted to my YouTube channel for a couple weeks and this website is even more quiet. So, what is going on?

Well, recently my laptop’s hard drive decided life was no longer worth living to some extent. Nothing important has been lost and it managed to keep going to some extent for some time, but now I’ve given up on it since it wasn’t capable of installing my favourite video editor: Openshot (the old version which crashes a lot). I had ordered a replacement and finally got around to installing it, almost wrecking a ribbon cable in the process, but it turns out that 2.5″ hard drives can be 7mm thick, 9mm or some other sizes too. This one was 9mm so it was too fat. Great. Yes, perhaps I should have realised there would be multiple thicknesses of 2.5″ hard drives earlier, but it really didn’t cross my mind.

So now that one has been returned (thanks Amazon, you’re kinder than you should be) I’ve got one which should actually fit arriving in the post, although it’s taking ages to arrive because I refused to pay £3.99 and instead opted for free postage. Oh, and did I mention that this is a Seagate drive that I’ve now ordered as opposed to the Western Digital one which wouldn’t fit? I really don’t like Seagate and feel they make unreliable drives, but there wasn’t a great deal of choice on Amazon and this one was affordable whilst still being large in terms of storage capacity and speedy… maybe. No doubt something will go wrong, but we’ll worry about that later down the line.

To summarise: Laptop hard drive’s broke. New one should be installed next week, allowing me to use my laptop without booting from a DVD. Mmm… slow.

What else is there to talk about? Oh yes, the new YouTube logo. It’s no good. It’s too long. Revert it.

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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