Marge’s Apology

This really is one of those moments you have to pause the DVD player! Oh, wait… it’s no longer released on DVD (or Blu-Ray).

This is from Season 25 Episode 9 “Steal This Episode”, and I’ve only just realised now that it wasn’t Season 28 Episode 9. Whoops – I stole the wrong episode. Kind of explains how it’s a bit better than episodes 1 – 8 in season 28, but nothing beats the hand-drawn episodes.  🙂

If the image is unclear…

From the Kitchen Table
of Marge Simpson

Dear Dreamer for a living,

First of all, thank you for so many years of wonderful entertainment from “Are We There Yet?” to “Shrek 2”. I also want to thank you for your terrific ratings system – “G” for “Good”, “PG” for “Pretty Good” and “R” for “Rotten”.

Unfortunately, I accidentally saw one of your movies for free after my husband, Homer Simpson, took it off the World Wide Web. I felt horrible and I’m sure so did all of our neighbors that he invited over to watch it for free.
If it makes you feel any better, they all liked it so much they said they’d never pay for a movie again.

Anyway, I know Hollywood is all about fair play so I wanted to pay for the movie, hence the enclosed “Dance of the Teddy Bears” check. (P.S. That would make a great movie! Emma Stone would be perfect as “Princess Button Nose!”)

Thank you for understanding and I will try to convince my husband to stop showing any more illegally downloaded movies without your express written permission.

Yours from flyover country,
Marge Simpson

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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