McLean Roofing, You’ve Got a Problem!

Stuck at some traffic lights, there’s a pickup truck thing in front and, well, it all looks a bit odd. Now, it does look a little scruffy but there are plenty scruffy vehicles about so that’s not the problem here.

Let’s focus on what’s written on the back of it, shall we? The logo is perfectly fine – no issues there. The telephone numbers are laid out a bit strangely, with the first part of the non-mobile number being off to the left but the rest of it lining up with the mobile number. However, it’s presumably perfectly usable.

Now… the websitey stuff. Does that email address work? I don’t know and won’t bother trying it. I assume that it won’t work, however, since having that dash right before the @ just doesn’t look right.

You may have noticed we’ve got a bit of a dilemma. In the email address, the domain has no dash, yet in the actual website name, there is. Anyway, it turns out that his URL shouldn’t have a dash, but it doesn’t make much difference whether you include it or not…

"This domain is missing from the Web server configuration"
Tried it with a “www” as well, just in case his server was configured in a funny way. Doing so made no difference.
"Sorry, the website cannot be found."
Yeah, that’s not going to get us very far.

Anyway, even if having this printed on there is a pretty big problem, at least it got you some free advertising, McLean. If anyone around the Dundee, Scotland area needs their roof fixed then give him a ring and let him know who sent you!

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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