New Levels of Product Placement

Today Facebook reminded of this wacky photo I took a while back. It would be great for some sort of cross-promotion thing!

Seriously, it’s beautiful. We’ve got our good old friend the PG Tips monkey stuffing his face with a KitKat (with the wrapper on, of course), just monkeying around in a Marks & Spencer biscuit tin designed to look like a bus… a KitKat bus! Near the bottom-right, we’ve then got a scarf, hat, something like that and in the background is some out-of-focus paperwork.

Now, you may be thinking that any of these lovely brands may be put off by all the others, but not to fear!


I… I was actually surprised that they didn’t have a stronger reaction, either positive or negative.

Oh well, as long as the PG Tips monkey gets a cuppa with the still-in-its-wrapper KitKat wedged down his throat, all is well. That’s all that matters, right?

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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