No More Comments

Just a little update here. I have taken the decision to disable all comments on this website as it is filled with nothing but spam, which is absolutely ridiculous. If you find a video on the website that you wish to comment on, please follow it through to YouTube and comment there instead. Otherwise, use the outdated contact page.

You know, one comment and its reply did actually survive since it was genuine. Go try and find it if you’re up for a challenge! I mean, it’s not like it’s amazingly exciting, but hey-ho.

To kill two birds with one stone whilst posting an update on this somewhat neglected website (it really just sort of links back to my YouTube videos these days, as opposed to having original articles), I’d like to tell you that the monthly spam reports are long dead and will not be coming back. It was fun while it lasted.

Don’t you worry about the Ten Hour Guy YouTube channel as it’ll still be getting regular uploads, currently a little more frequently than every week! This website… meh. It’ll stick around but won’t have the life it used to. Not sure when I’ll get replace the dead dog banner.

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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