Shower or Tea?

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Here’s a really weird question that nobody has ever asked before:

Would you rather have a shower or a cup of tea?

According to an article on Tay FM’s website written by some mystery person, 13% of the United Kingdom population would rather skip a shower than skip a cup of tea. I also found the same article on duplicate websites, though it could just be that they’re all owned by the same company.

The resemblance is uncanny.
The resemblance is uncanny.

Now, this is just a weird article with no real evidence or explanation as to how this came to be. You see, despite everyone loving a good cuppa (I don’t drink tea, but hush), nobody really thinks to themselves “I could skip this shower to have some extra time drinking my tea”.

The article also states that 16% of the population say their day is disrupted if they don’t have a cup of tea to start the day. 18% of the population in North-East England and Northern Ireland “would be happy to skip a shower” and 9% of the population in North-West England “would do that same”.

Strange stuff indeed! And that is the entire article, except from some nonsense at the start. Did you know that “a large proportion of the UK population would prioritise a cup of tea over having a shower, eating breakfast and (for women) putting on makeup”? Let’s break this down…

A cup of tea versus a shower. Right, we’ve covered that already.
A cup of tea versus eating breakfast. Don’t they go hand-in-hand?
A cup of tea versus putting on makeup. There are no official statistics on this, so it’s very likely to be made up. In fact, there’s no source for any of this so it’s quite possibly all made up. Great. To top it all off, men can wear makeup too. T R I G G E R E D ! !

Also, did you know that many Britons regularly tweet about tea? They dug up two not very popular tweets to prove their point, which I won’t bother referencing.

This is a daft article and I’m running out of things to write about it at a rapid rate here, so let’s make do with a daft photo.

The PG Tips monkey is tea-related. This’ll do!

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