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Recently I got reminded of when we got taught how to make a website in school using some dreadful practices. It’s not just the fact that a static site was made using Serif, especially since it was a bit outdated at the time, but just some of the practices… like using a font that’s not even installed on many machines.

Anyway, now this monstrosity with all of its clip art is on the net! I was thinking of registering just for this but decided against it due to the annual cost, so instead it’s at It looks like Microsoft Clip Art, which should be fine for non-commercial purposes, which this is. I haven’t tampered with it, so don’t get your hopes up. Try not to look at the file names either.

Oh, did I mention that in order to reduce effort for the teacher, the instructions are in video format and the images/text is all readily available? This means that everyone’s Smoothie World is the same.

I noticed that in the video, it says “Internet Explorer provided by Forfar Academy”, which wasn’t even my school. This is just odd and I wonder if this Smoothie World thing is still part of the course. I know the year below me did it, but after that I’m not sure.

And here are the videos… all 62 minutes of them. They’ve been converted to MP4 for browser compatibility, but there’s not really any quality loss. Some are 800×600, some are 600×480. I really don’t know what they were doing.

And that’s it. Well, except from this word document:



Same-day update:

The image positions are visibly too low in Chrome and Opera, at least under Linux, but I feel the biggest issue is that “recipes” is spelled incorrectly. Oh dear.

There’s also a random 4 on that page, also not in the video. Well, I guess in order to give the page some uniqueness, as no doubt everyone else’s Smoothie World websites will have different errors, I’ll leave these issues as they are. Perfection would simply attract far too much traffic.

Oh no! Not a dancing 4!

Next-day update:

I’ve decided to share with you the files required to create your own Smoothie World from scratch, since you’re more than welcome to try it. In fact, if you create your own Smoothie World using the same images, text and colour scheme, I’ll link to it here! If you don’t have anywhere to host your version, just email me the files.

Anyway… here they are!

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