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Since Halloween is now a couple weeks away and all the shops and whatnot have been worked up over it for quite a wee while now, I’ve decided it is time for a little tweak of this website’s appearance. So, from now until possibly a little after Halloween (depends how quickly the new style gets old), we shall have this alternative look.

The header image has changed from this…

Ten Hour Guy Banner Image

To this…

Ten Hour Guy Halloween Banner Image

Ooh, spooky!

The page background colour has also been changed from a boring white to a sickly orange and we’ve got some annoying text following the cursor, saying “WooOOoo!!” which is even worse on mobile. Well, at least it’s creative.

Oh, and if you’re reading this thinking “gosh darn heck, I missed it”, don’t panic as something similar will probably happen next year.

Next up… a Christmas theme! I won’t be doing the falling snow thing, especially with white on white.

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