The Mine Song but it’s looped for 10 hours (plus Switch Club ramblings)

Oh no! The memes have spread to this song too! Don’t you fret though as it’s simply looped for ten hours and nothing more. This ten hour video is mine.

By the way, apologies for being delayed about sharing this video on this website and my social media. Had the video set to be made publicly available as soon as it finished processing and I wasn’t able to access my stuff between when it went live and now. Well, I was able to, but… priorities!

Just like all the other LazyTown stuff, all the money is going straight to DHX Media, which is a little iffy in my opinion as sure, they do own the rights (I’m assuming), but these LazyTown music videos (We Are Number One in particular) are mostly just a big meme at the moment because of Stefán Karl’s cancer.

Anyway, enjoy… if you can. The video seems to be stuck with 1440p being the only available quality option for the time being, and this has been considerably longer than just a couple hours. However, perhaps it will sort itself out after a while. Odds are Christmas is slowing down the YouTube servers a little bit.

Huh. This is a lot more than I’d usually write on here just to share a video. That’s nice and pointless. But hey, perhaps it’s good for SEO or something. I have no idea, to be honest, and just want to be able to somehow promote my newest website on here: The Switch Club. It’s basically a forums website where people can chat about Nintendo’s latest console: The Nintendo Switch. Of course, people can also chat about literally anything else, and that would probably be the most reasonable option for the time being since the console itself isn’t even out yet, so not a lot can be said about it or any of the games that are planned to be released. If there’s no activity once the system is out, I’ll be worried.

Sorry about that diversion but I was really on a roll with typing stuff for a moment there! Um… enjoy watching Stingy claim that everything is his. What a stupid name.

Author: Ten Hour Guy

Oh look, I own this site!