The Site’s Only A Little Broken

Okay, there are a few issues with the website at the moment which I can’t be bothered to fix, mostly revolving around blank pages and general stuff not firing off automatically.

The only way in which this affects you is that…

  • Posting comments will lead to a blank page.
  • The featured image is buggy when writing posts (will work every second-time).
  • The cache will not automatically refresh when making new posts, though I can just click the button to do it manually.
  • Sending emails has stopped working.

Now, the last bullet is in a dark red font colour. Why? BECAUSE IT’S A PROBLEM! So, if you want to make a new account, for the time being, just fill in your email address and username as you usually would, then email me at using the email address you registered with within an hour or so to prevent account hijacking and then I’ll do some fiddling to try and get your password changed to a random string of characters which will then be emailed to you (insecure, but hey). It will be a random string to encourage you to change your password to something a little more memorable, which may or may not increase security.

Got all that?

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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