Twitter Rant

Since we’re not on Twitter, the exact text that you’d get from scanning the code is below:

You know, I’ve always wanted to post more than 140 characters to Twitter, and now I think I’ve found out how to do it.

The solution is very simple: simply make a QR code and tell your Twitter followers to scan it! They’ll be tweeting away on their smartphone, then your “scan me” QR will pop up and they’ll think to themselves “right, time for me to open up my lappy and download a QR code scanner to see what this says!”

As you have probably guessed by now, this message is longer than the dumb 140 character limit Twitter has. In fact, guess what! This message burried deep inside that large QR code is 718 characters long which would require 6 separate Tweets! Ridiculous, right? Anyway, this is the future, okay?

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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