Union JACK

(yes, that’s a PURE radio – please don’t buy one)

A few days ago a new radio station was released going by the name of “Union JACK” and it really seems quite great indeed so far.

Their main bragging right is the fact that all the music is British, but quite frankly, they just play good music, mostly oldish stuff.

However, the number one reason why you should listen to that station at the moment is… the station is ad-free! I have no idea how long this will last for, but currently they do not have any adverts or, well, anything other than music, so your listening experience will be uninterrupted. Well, except from the “go digital” advert thing that nearly all digital radio stations have which makes no sense for a digital-exclusive station.

Another neat thing is that because it’s an automated station, if you go to unionjack.co.uk/vote, you can choose which songs get played sooner and which get played later. I’m not sure if something can be bumped off the list though and you can only vote from a fixed list so it may not be particularly helpful, though I’m sure they keep records of the general vote trends.

Let’s end on both a low and high note, shall we? This radio station… is stereo! What a breakthrough! This is currently the only non-BBC station which is broadcast on digital radio in stereo at the moment, which is f-ing absurd if you ask me. It still suffers from the low bitrates imposed from there being too many digital stations though, so don’t expect FM quality. Listening online may get you better quality, though I can’t compare since the player isn’t loading at the moment.

Author: Ten Hour Guy

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