We Will Not Be Having Ten Hours of This

“I’m vegan; death to all meat-eaters!”
-Mishovy Šilenosti

Alrighty. Today Misha/Mishovy/Michal (I really don’t know what to call him) released a new music video all about him now being a vegan.

So, why are we not having ten hours of this? The answer is simple: I just don’t feel like it.

  • We’ve already had two of his videos looped for ten hours (excluding other channels).
  • His fame is fading since his Pokémon Go and Cyberbully Channels songs (it’s not really, but hey).
  • He’s trying to be some sort of gangster with his Minecraft shirt, chains and cap which features profanity for no real reason.
  • I feel he is being taken advantage of by his brother or possibly other family members.
  • These music videos became controversial pretty darn quickly.

Oh, and if you want to see the video I’m rambling about…


Update: If you still really need your ten hour fix of this, then here you go. Someone else decided to make a loop of it, and did a pretty quick and good job of it!


Author: Ten Hour Guy

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